Could the Isle of Man Government breach its own climate laws?

“It’s becoming increasingly tight to meet the 2030 target” says chief minister

The Isle of Man could fail to meet its first interim climate target, but the chief minister says if it is missed, “we’ll be very close”.

At a summit of the British-Irish Council, Alfred Cannan said hitting the 2030 target is becoming “increasingly tight”.

The Climate Change Act 2021 sets out three legally binding targets as the Island makes its journey to net-zero.

By 2030, government is required by law to have ensured carbon emissions are cut by at least 35-percent.

As part of that, electricity must be decarbonised by 100-percent.

Alfred Cannan was asked what would happen if government breached its own legislation:

Meanwhile, the Isle of Man Green Party thinks government could be held to account in a court of law, if it failed to meet its targets.

The UK government has faced legal action in the past with the court ruling its action plan was unlawful.

Andrew Langan-Newton is the party’s secretary, but is also a practicing advocate who thinks the prospect here is very real.

He wants to see more focus given towards renewables in the form of solar, wind and battery:

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