MNH urged to share details of maintenance upgrades for heritage sites 

This picture, taken at Rushen Abbey, was shared on social media

Residents call for investment if tourism numbers are to rise

Manx National Heritage has been urged to share details of maintenance or upgrades its planning for its sites around the Island.

It comes after residents took to social media to highlight issues with the upkeep of a number of attractions and questioning how they could elevate those concerns.

One woman – who raised the topic on Facebook – described it as a ‘pretty poor show’ after buying an annual pass to use with her children over the summer holidays.

She revealed she’d experienced issues at Castle Rushen, in Castletown, and Rushen Abbey in Ballasalla – highlighting that she thought some problems had been left unresolved for years.

In a post on Facebook she wrote: “The staff (at Castle Rushen) advised it takes a long time for anything to be fixed at MNH and can’t guarantee anything will get done.”

It led to other residents highlighting their own experiences with some calling on government to invest in maintenance if it wants to see visitor numbers improve.

One wrote: “I cannot express just how disappointing it is to spend a small fortune to visit the sites and then have various things not working.”

The Manx Government wants to attract 500,000 visitors to the Island each year by 2032.

Its 10-year visitor strategy ‘Our Island, Our Future’ sets out plans to make more of the unique selling points which include Manx heritage, culture and food, and UNESCO Biosphere designation.

“There is so much more that we can do to make use of these USPs to help us stand out as a destination and get ahead of the competition.” – Our Island, Our Future

Issues at Manx National Heritage sites, including the House of Manannan in Peel, were raised on Manx Radio’s Mannin Line just days before the Island welcomed the largest ever cruise ship to visit Manx shores:

Manx Radio asked Manx National Heritage to respond to the issues highlighted and provide information about any plans to address concerns about upkeep of attractions.

We are awaiting a response.

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